JOLT provides tried and trusted data-driven analytics, advice and repeatable business processes. Let us help you improve your bottom line.


JOLT’s business intelligence tools, combined with seasoned expert advice and repeatable business processes, are why we are able to create a results-driven organisation, enabling tactical and strategic business decisions for communications and associated IT investments, budgets, inventory, future service provider contract negotiations, and enhanced processes within all spend arenas. 


Make critical adjustments in execution to achieve strategic goals.

JOLT enables the effective commercial management of all products and services, including communications, banking cards, printing, IOT, cloud license tracking, and any other fixed cost or consumption based services.

Our web hosted platform gives our customers the ability to analyse billing and understand true cost with our fully customisable user-friendly dashboards across multiple industries and spend types. How can we help manage your unique spend types?

Monitor and evaluate objectives
with key metrics

Key Metrics, also known as KPI (key performance indicators) are statistics which display fundamental cost drivers, giving you and your organisation a measure of overall health and performance. At JOLT we baseline all key metrics and report monthly progress so that you can evaluate success and measure performance of key objectives and strategies.


Understanding cost per user within Low, Medium or High usage profiles is key to managing, understanding and ultimately, driving spend down.

Seasoned analytical advice, market benchmark data, metrics and key data points combined with a committed focused team of experts at your fingertips, provide you and your organisation with actionable intelligent advice. 


JOLT’s Expense Management services creates efficient and repeatable business processes, enabling significant savings for direct and indirect costs.


Our team, armed with market benchmark data, key metrics, proven best practices and a sophisticated reporting engine, are committed to delivering results to your business.

  • Unlimited dashboards give you the ability to create and personalise your data the way you want it. Simply pin/unpin spend types or key data points or add filters to refine the data that supports your area of responsibility. The days of being overwhelmed by irrelevant or unnecessary data is over! ‘One size’ does not necessarily fit all.
  • Create a dashboard or report and publish or share with colleagues.
  • A single click on any one of the informational cards gives you a trend graph to easily identify patterns/spikes/decreases in spend.
  • A double click gives you access to more detailed reports. Where additional columns are required, simply use the reports module to easily personalise the information. Schedule how often you would like to receive the report or allocate the report to be sent to selected users.
  • Create, schedule, share or review reports for deep drill down analysis or diagnostics of potential problems. There is no limit to the number of reports. At JOLT we believe that our customers are uniquely positioned to determine the type of and number of reports required to get the job done.
  • Refine the data or content of your dashboard(s) with easy-to-use filters.  Simply add or delete applicable filters. Our filters are considered, dynamic and applicable to your environment because we understand that time is money. To that end our reports will not waste your time by yielding blank reports.
  • Easily identify increases, decreases or no change in spend with our colour coded indicators.
Without the right tools and expertise, discovering these issues and improving ROI can be difficult. With the help of JOLT’s software platform, monthly audit files are generated, analysed, reported and acted on. All non-compliant issues are flagged, credits calculated, audit files are prepared and disputes are managed on your behalf with your suppliers. Our recovery rate is high!


  • Audits confirm that you are not being overcharged.
  • They identify hidden costs and billing errors.
  • Ensure you are not being billed for lines that no longer exist or were cancelled.
  • Recover funds that you may have been overcharged for.

    “12 to 20% of telecom charges are in error, and 85% of the errors are in the suppliers favour,” says Gartner Communications Analyst, Eric Goodness.

    The best reason for using JOLT’s Invoice and Auditing Services is because they yield reduced costs and savings for our clients with an average telecom expense reduction of between 30-40%.


    Cost awareness gives you and your users the required control and visibility to effect change and influence behaviour.

    JOLT’s reporting platform gives you the ability to monitor and evaluate cost per user and usage per user within high, medium and low usage profiles.


    • Identify top users and out-of-bundle users.
    • Identify contract statuses for soft-locks, activations, downgrades or upgrades.
    • Monitor underutilisation of bundles.
    • Track and predict all consumption based products and services, per employee, region, cost centre, company or group of companies.
    • Manage new invoice line items, credits, line rentals, discounts and services.
    • Our colour coded spend indicators, draw attention to spend changes at a glance, a single click will display a trend whilst a double click will render operational details.
    • Heat Maps will display your unique traffic patterns within all spend types. Simply click and select your preferred view of the data (i.e. count, amount or volume).
    • At JOLT, we will centralise every detail so you know, in real time, what technology assets you have, how they are being used, and how you can save money.
    • Our infrastructure specialist creates a dynamic footprint for the entire organisation, providing quick reference to any level of detail whilst enabling the tracking of monthly spend and utilisation.
    • The JOLT database is well organised and works efficiently to minimise your company’s telecoms expenditure. This does require specific planning and sorting of your various resources, but when complete, functions effortlessly and efficiently.
    • Single, enterprise-wide repository of inventory by expenditure type, contract, location, entity, cost and individual employee. This includes but is not limited to circuits, services, hardware, bundles and usage, etc.
    • Tracks relevant inventory profile, products, rates, and monthly activity.
    • Under/non-utilised inventory, products and service alerts.
    • Easy access to inventory associated with locations to facilitate planning and management.
    • Asset discovery, identification, validation and cancellation where applicable.
    • Improves enterprise telecoms awareness.
    • Enables better IMAC’s (installations, moves, additions, cancellations) management.
    • Standardises disparate supplier terminologies.

    With JOLT, you have access to systems and experts to reduce human error, plan ahead, and save time. Let us manage the quote, proposal/bid, order, and fulfilment process, making it easy for end users to place orders correctly.


    • Cost reduction and recurring savings.
    • Access to a network of skilled resources.
    • Continuity of knowledge and resources.
    • Put hours back into a working day and free up resources for in-house efficiency.
    • Procure the best contract rates and terms.
    • Gain insights and knowledge of what vendors are really willing to give.
    • Hold vendors to a higher standard.
    • JOLT has developed many satisfactory vendor relationships based on mutual respect and cooperation. This ensures that our claim rate is high and that our turnaround time is short.
    • We assist with the process of identifying, validating and removal of incorrect account allocations.
    • JOLT ensures the recovery of credits and the management of short-pay and no pay decisions.

    Visibility is essential to reducing costs and making fact based; forward-thinking decisions on telecoms infrastructure, products and services, such as voice over IP and enhanced VPN networks. Too often, organisations lack a clear view of their telecoms inventory and consumption based products, and are therefore unable to determine their exact requirements or calculate an accurate ROI.

    We seek to understand your company’s business needs and this will be considered through all products offered and technology used.

    • Identify actual effective rates across all expenditure types for line rentals and usage.
    • Analyse and trend your effective rates for each supplier across multiple companies or for a single site.
    • Determine effective rates per megabyte, per minute or per message.
    • Manage utilisation of assets and traffic type products.
    • Analyse call detail records and identify call type patterns.

    Covid-19 has highlighted and accelerated the need for digital capabilities, proving to many organisations that they are either capable of a pivot to digitally fit organisation quickly, or that they need to plan to be in time for the next crisis. It is clear now more than ever that having a workforce that is equipped to navigate this new remote, digital-centric way of working is not only beneficial, but essential.

    JOLT’s mobile expense mobility services solution helps to understand users’ usage profiles to enable spend optimisation and the management of invoices, inventory and spend for your entire mobile estate. The ability to report on multiple data sources from a single platform gives you what you need to see and pay what you need to pay.

    Our unique platform gives you the ability to understand cost-per-user within usage profiles and cost-per-unit per supplier, or division or site.


    • Configurable spend limits and alerts.
    • Actional information about your mobile assets and spend, delivered to you inbox within your predefined time schedule.
    • Create and set user policies for the entire organisation.
    • Get access to 50 Key Data Points, simply pin/unpin and share data cards within relevant users or click to trend analysis or double click to detailed information.
    • Custom report builder to allow for deep dive analytics to any level of detail.


    • Reduce abuse of telephone systems, like excessive private calls.
    • Encourage cost awareness and proactive self management with policies, allowances and alerts.
    • Better plan, budget and make infrastructure-related decisions.
    • Better understand call activity with heat maps.
    • Monitor usage between different users, departments and sites can be monitored so that accurate projections can be made and budgets allocated accordingly.
    • Assess service levels, such as answer times, dropped calls and average ring times.
    • Reconcile TMS usage to invoice usage.

    Our approach will give you a 360 degree view of total mobile spend across your APN, GSM handsets and GSM data cards. All invoices are consolidated into a single dashboard which includes key metrics, usage summaries and key data points.

    Proactively manage usage with system generated alerts to users and line managers.


    • With our custom report module, all consolidated data is available as reports and can be accessed via a standard browser or scheduled to be emailed to your inbox.
    • Configure allowances, alerts and polices.
    • Business intelligence and pushing data to the correct decision makers.
    • Understand and monitor data utilisation whether APN or non-APN.


    • Over/under utilisation, no usage.
    • Top Users for APN or Non APN.
    • Top Departments, divisions or companies.
    • In bundle and out of bundle activity.
    • Key metrics will highlight your cost per megabyte for APN and non-APN data, while giving you the ability to analyse traffic patterns and optimise bundles for effective cost control.

    Case Study 01: Retail

    The cost saving of having real-time reporting and dedicated experts reviewing invoices each month, making suggestions for optimisation had a direct impact on decreasing spend and freeing up resources so that our client could focus on core tasks.

    Case Study 02: Property

    Despite an increase in consumption, our client in partnership with JOLT, saw their spend decrease by 73.82%.

    Case Study 03: Medical

    With JOLT’s intervention and expertise, this client saw a 44.63% decrease in their spend.