Case Study



Our property client is recognised locally and internationally as Southern Africa’s leading independent real estate group and the country’s most awarded real estate company. Offering a full spectrum of property services, they boast a network of over 300 offices in sub-Saharan Africa and also have offices in the UK, Germany, Mauritius and the Seychelles.


Our client was seeing escalating costs, and managing the telecom infrastructure and multiple suppliers was time-consuming for the internal team.


  • To gain insight and visibility across multiple vendors into a single view.

  • Build a culture of cost awareness with targeted reports.

  • Supplier Independent advice, regarding telecom’s products and services.

  • Provide expertise and resources to action repeatable and reliable business processes.

  • Audit all existing PBX hardware and determine whether in use.

  • Provide benchmark pricing and data points to the client to assist in negotiating new, more competitive rates.

  • Ensure the successful implementation of a Voice RFP, including drafting the specification, analysing, interviewing, what-if scenario planning and recommendations based on findings.

  • Manage all Directory Listing contracts and setup authorised signatories.

  • Manage all supplier disputes from validation to recovery of credits.

  • Make recommendations based on findings.



JOLT’s supplier-independent Expense Management programme with business process outsourcing, optimisations and regular benchmarking, resulted in signficant savings.


  • Regular, minuted meetings ensured strategic/operational focus and accountability.
  • Leveraging JOLT’s expertise and resources freed the client’s internal team.
  • Baselining all client key metrics was fundamental determining success and providing the mechanism for measurement.
  • Regular price benchmarking was key to decreasing spend and fair rates.
  • Real-time visibility of key metrics, savings initiatives, tickets and recovered credits kept the team on track.
  • Reported and optimised all expired contracts.
  • Actionable data combined with JOLT’s reliable and repeatable business processes delivered on direct and indirect costs.

As of January 2021, we are pleased to release a total 12-year saving. This is direct savings derived from expense management, analytics, correcting invoice errors, credits, cancelling unused services and more. This does not account for time/salary savings.


“In an economy where costs are rising our customer spend trend-lines are all on downward trajectories.”