Case Study



Founded in 1984, this South African-based group of well-known retail brands has over 600 stores across Southern Africa including South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Zambia. They pride themselves in bringing authentic and affordable fashion to their customers.


With so many locations and invoices to deal with, our client did not have the time or resources to manage their complex environment.


  • Provide a self-funding Expense Management solution.
  • Gain insight and visibility with real-time reporting.
  • Change user behaviour and promote self-management with the use of monitoring tools.
  • Build a culture of cost awareness with role-based access to dashboards and reports.
  • Reduce time to process, manage and pay invoices.
  • Outsource the provisioning of voice and data lines.
  • Provide benchmark pricing, key data points and metrics to measure JOLT.
  • Renegotiate existing rates and contract terms.


The cost saving of having real-time reporting and dedicated experts analysing and auditing invoices each month, analysing spend profiles and optimising spend has decreased costs and freed up people to focus on core tasks.


  • Near real-time reporting for automated alerting, soft locks and cost awareness reporting.
  • Consolidated invoices reduced the time to process and pay invoices.
  • Regular, minuted meetings ensured strategic/operational focus and accountability.
  • Leveraging JOLT’s expertise and resources freed up the client’s internal team.
  • Baselining all client key metrics was fundamental to determining success and providing the mechanism for measurement.
  • Regular price benchmarking was key to decreasing spend and fair rates.
  • Real-time visibility of key metrics, savings initiatives, tickets and recovered credits kept the team on track.
  • Actionable data combined with JOLT’s reliable and repeatable business processes delivered savings on direct and indirect costs.

As of December 2020, we are pleased to release a total saving. This is direct cost reduction derived from expense management, analytics, invoice errors, credits, unused services and more. This does not account for time and salary savings.


“In an economy where costs are rising our customer spend trend-lines are all on downward trajectories.”