Smartphone data usage

by | Jun 2, 2016

By 2021, the average smartphone user will plow through 8.9 GB of data per month. Thanks to the rapid expansion of LTE, smartphone users today are blowing through more data than ever before. From watching Netflix videos to streaming Spotify for hours on end, there are certainly no shortage of ways by which users can easily and quickly push the upper threshold of their monthly data caps.

With the current focus on mobile users data being on a very steep incline, albeit for Social Media, entertainment (Youtube/Netflix) and VOIP etc. What are your current options as local Service Providers still seem to be behind the curve on this offering whilst stats show this is where they are making their most profits. Coincidence?

Taking out a 24 month contract today, you have to ask yourself… is that 500MB or 1GB data bundle per month going to sustain your data needs a year and a half from now?

Source: Yoni Heisler,